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Mühlengasse 15
07545 Gera
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email:  info@erbenermittlung.de
„Choose a job that you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life.“

  • Our qualified team has experience and competence in searching activities as well as in processing inheritance matters and maintains a network of business partners throughout Europe, in the classic emigration countries and overseas. All our heir finders have university education.
    Furthermore we cooperate with other heir finding agencies of our branch world-wide. We maintain a wide network of local assistants and experts in Germany.

  • In our company there are employed solicitors, historians educators and multilingual secretaries.

  • On the basis of own linguistic competence in English, French, Polish and Czech, the correspondence and telephone calls to many authorities, administrative bodies and pretenders to estates can be conducted directly.

Holger Siebert
-managing director-

Dr. Dirk Zeiseler
-managing director-

Mathias Kusch

Daniel Hintersdorf

Cornelia Andrae-Markgraf

Holger Reichelt

Stefanie Brähne

Kathrin Kefurt

Kerstin Kohlenberg

By regular qualification and continuing education we reach very high clear-up rates.